On September 9, 2003, Wellwater Conspiracy will release its ultimate album. It contains 11 songs, some of carrying a nucleus of melodic sensibility.
Here's the list:

1 Wimple Witch
2 Galaxy 265
3 Night Sky
4 Dragonwyck
5 Sea Miner
6 Rebirth
7 Something In The Air
8 Sullen Glacier
9 Crow Revolt
10 My Darker Bongo
11 Dresden Overture

So there's a witch keen on astrology, watching the stars 265 days a year, and one day a wycked dragon flies through her tube (it's not hers, actually, it belongs to her late husband, a miner at the sea-shelf, who digs himself out during a climax, which distresses the glacier). And countless swarms of rebellious crows fly round over Sachsen and Hausen...

Hear some of the stuff here