Temple Of The Dog

One band who was in the mix of things during the birth of new era was the short-lived Mother Love Bone, who had high expectations of reaching stardom before disaster struck and band member Andrew Wood died of a heroin overdose just prior to releasing their first album Apple, in 1990.
Soundgarden's front man Chris Cornell was a close friend of Andy's and was rooming with him at the time of his death.
Trying to find an outlet for his grief, Chris penned a few songs in tribute to Andy, which were "Say Hello 2 Heaven"
and "Reach Down". He then asked Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament ( two members of Mother Love Bone) if they would like
to record them for a possible release. Chris had also recruited one of his Soundgargen members, Matt Cameron,
and the sessions grew into what is now known as the Temple of the Dog project.
During the recording sessions the newly formed band was scouting out more members and ended up auditioning a potential front man, San Diego surfer Eddie Vedder, who arrived in Seattle in the fall of 1990.
The album was released in April of 1991, and initial sales were modest at best.The band members were still largely unknowns beyond the Seattle music scene, and no one really expected more to happen to the project than that. It wasn't until Soundgarden released what would become the legendary Badmotorfinger and Pearl Jams release of their equally legendary Ten, before the respective bands would explode into superstardom, thirsting fans and media alike for more.
It was then that A&M saw the opportunity and began to actively promote Temple of the Dog to a much broader audience.
There have been two semi-reunions of Temple of the Dog, one of which took place at the Foundations Forum showcase (attended by Pearl Jam and Soundgarden) in October '91, and the other at the 1992 Lollapolooza show. Rumors continue
to circulate regarding another reunion and apparently the management of both Pearl Jam and Soundgarden are continually getting requests for charity appearances and the like. There's even been talk of a second Temple release however unlikely because of the nature of the band's creation to begin with. No one wants to turn Andrew Woods death into a commodity. Temple of the Dog grew out of friendship. The band chose to share their emotions in the best way they knew how: through their music.